italian ceramics, maiolica, dinnerware, ceramics, pottery
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The Italian ceramics de "the Master George" represent the lines of products more excluded you of the Italian handicraft.

italian ceramics, maiolica, dinnerware, ceramics, potteryFrom the sage hand of artists operating in the pottery sector from many generations, the art of Italian ceramic finds the principal espression in the experience of Ceramiche Biagioli. Excellent craftsman in the art of maiolica, the Ceramiche Biagioli realizes ceramics of high quality from the dinnerware to the vases and to the ceramics lamps. From the chosen of the clay, the raw material for the ceramic fabrication, to the final phase of quality control, the our firm uses methods that respect the old traditions in the fabrication of Italian Pottery but that meet the  actual technological innovation. Thanks to the efforts made in this years, the Ceramiche Biagioli have become a point of reference for the art in the fabrication of maiolica and have contributed to introduce and appreciate the big capacity of Italian Ceramic in all the world. The mass production, brings today the market to a stage of standardization; the our firm succeeds to produce ceramics that we can consider only, thanks to our methods of work that are made by hands in respect of feelings of more prestigious schools of Italian Pottery.
Italian ceramics, maiolica, dinnerware, ceramics, pottery

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The Italian Ceramics

The italian ceramics of Valentino Biagioli, represents the maximum artistic expression of Italian ceramics. Through a deep culture of ceramics, that draws origin from the ancient Italian workers, the Mastro Giorgio reaches our days with of the only and exclusive collections in full rinascimental style. The ceramics are Italian in how much come produced in Italian plants and with exclusively Italian labor, from the sages hands of the workers of Gubbio and Deruta. Gubbio finds in Umbria as also Deruta is found in Umbria and the Umbria represents one of the more important regions of the world of the Italian ceramics. The Mastro Georgio is one of the most ancient factories of Italian Ceramics in Umbria and its history comes to the ancient technique of lustro of Mastro Georgio Andreoli. Mastro Giorgio was one of the more important exponents of the Italian Ceramics, inventing a system of treatment of ceramics that rendered the glares of ceramics full metallic that no other is successful to equal. To the age the lustro became the most important Italian ceramics, so important that still today we can find some ceramics also in Louvre museum at Paris, like as an example a beautiful ceramics plate that has designed over the image of Federico II da Montefeltro, duca of Urbino (watch the abstract). The lustro technique is born therefore in Gubbio, and it is always in Gubbio that the Italian ceramics “La Mastro Giorgio” continues this long tradition that can be find from 1400 and the factory of Italian ceramics still today proposes this ancient technique for his ceramics. The Italian ceramics isn’t only rinascimento and here that the Italian craftsman of the ceramics of the Mastro Giorgio conjugate the ancient acquaintances of Italian ceramics with the new styles of Italian ceramics. Actual design married with the ancient techniques of production allows to realize products of high artistic value and furnishing for your house. Because the quality also is given from the historical acquaintance of the own roots is for that “La Mastro Giorgio” can offer the best Italian ceramics to you.

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