Third baking "COATING"

The peculiar feature of Gubbio majolica, unique in its kind, is the fact that already glazed objects undergo a further baking, so as to indelibly fix ageing coating on the enamel surface. The coating is prepared by milling ochre powder with a spatula on a glass plate, and by gradually adding particular volatile liquids it is possible to obtain a very thin, liquid and ready-to-use paste. The coating gives an antique-like appearance to white majolica and is applied by brush with a pointing motion, so that the colour does not excessively aggress the surface with marks that may conceal the decoration below. Baking is carried out in gas ovens coated with refractory material where open fire is not present and the temperature is about 930°C. in terms of both temperature and technique, this is very similar to the second baking.
This assures a higher level of hygiene to the product. Once the coating is baked, the coating is irreversibly fixed to the enamel surface, thus guaranteeing hygiene and resistance against collisions and abrasions.